Bedlam Bar-B-Q prepares meats in the old traditions of curing and dry-rub applications. Our Family recipes are held carefully and diligently to the original standards which our loving relatives learned from their own parents. The opportunity to serve Oklahoma City began in two thousand and three, at a time when many had forgotten some of the legendary pioneers that made their own homes in the hills of Northeast Oklahoma City close to our address at 610 Northeast 50th.

While the name Bedlam will always be appropriately associated with the OU and OSU rivalry, our celebration of the legendary stories form these great schools touches only part of the heritage most Oklahomans enjoy. A depth of pride and thankfulness for our Cherokee heritage makes it most politically correct for our own associations of the Indian Nations to be very Red in Oklahoma.

From the Miller 101 Ranch to the depth of toughness found in men like Cowboy Bill Picket, Jim Shoulders, and Tom Mix, the Cowboys have sufficiently remained iconic for Oklahoma communities, friends and families to dig deep into Bedlam to find their orange. Can we say it anymore plainly? It’s all about Oklahoma Cowboys and Indians.

A warriors and cowboys past has allowed this great state to produce some of the best athletes in the world. While honoring them we’re proud to be cooking and smoking for all of you!



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